What is ACMI?

ACMI stands for Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance.  

It is a leasing agreement between two companies, where the lessor provides all elements of ACMI to the lessee in return for a payment based on the number of block hours operated. Typically, these contracts are shorter with a duration ranging from 6-18 months.

ACMI benefits the lessee as they are able to leverage a flexible replacement capacity based on their demands.

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When would you use ACMI services?

ACMI offers a flexible solution to a fast-changing industry like aviation. The demands for capacity always vary depending on the requirements of the airline to fulfil their operations, this is where ACMI steps in and provides support to lessees. Therefore, adapting to different challenging situations is vital for:  

  1. Seasonal demand and new routes
  2. Urgent cover
  3. Planned maintenance and late deliveries  
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What are the benefits of ACMI?

  • Capacity on demand 
  • Flexibility  
  • Quick responding 
  • Cabin Crew management  
  • Risk Management  
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