IOSA Certified Airline

ACMI Lease Solutions

We offer fully customized ACMI solutions bundled with operational & technical assistance

Extensive ACMI Knowledge
& Professional Leasing

Fly2Sky's niche is its valuable customer-centric service. Our customer gains a brand, livery and flight number in the fastest way possible, and the comfort that behind-the-scenes competencies are provided by Fly2Sky expert operations.

Simultaneously knowledge is being transferred from Fly2Sky, so that the client carrier can build its own skills and, in time, bring an outsourced solution in-house. We are open and transparent to discuss the right solution with client airline which enables them to pay for what it needs.

Classic ACMI Solution

Agreement that is based on minimum guaranteed hours on a monthly basis, over a certain period of time.

Custom ACMI Solution

A customized approach that is often called 'power-by-the-hour', where there is no minimum guarantee.

Hybrid ACMI Solution

Entirely tailored approach, the customer has the option to choose specific elements of the ACMI model.

Why fly2sky ACMI?

Supplementing existing markets

Quick solution in seasonal markets

Manage capacity at a short term notice

Provide capacity before the customer airline gains its own AOC