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Compliance Monitoring Manager

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Full Time
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Sofia, Bulgaria OR Remote
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August 18, 2021
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Fly2Sky was established in late 2016, and is now considered as a top-class leisure operator. Our key competitive strength lies in our effective asset management practices, superb operational efficiency and a highly experienced management team. This enables us to get the most out of our fleet whilst delivering unbeatable value to our customers.

Currently, we are looking for COMPLIANCE MONITORING MANAGER reporting directly to the Accountable Manager.


Monitoring compliance with, and adequacy of, procedures required to ensure safe operational practices and airworthy airplanes;

  • Establish internal quality standards and procedures to meet airworthiness requirements, manufacturers’ and customers’ specifications;
  • Verifying, by monitoring activity in the fields of flight operations, maintenance, crew training and ground operations, that the standards required by the Authority, EASA, and any additional requirements defined by Fly2Sky, are being carried out under the supervision of the relevant Nominated Person;
  • Administrating and controlling the Compliance Assurance, ensuring Company and Airworthiness Authority that requirements are achieved and maintained. To ensure this, CMM performs the duties prescribed in EASA OPS, Part FCL (if applicable), Part M and also the duties in BG CAA as applicable;
  • Monitoring of the implementation (with the modalities and within time limits specified) of regulations issued by aircraft registration Airworthiness Authorities and BG CAA/ EASA for the whole Company’s Departments issuing compulsory actions;
  • Establishing and distributing all relevant procedures and methods inside the Organization and extends, as CMM of Fly2Sky control to all operating units and to any sub-contracted organization;
  • Company Manuals assessment, after the Nominated Persons updating due to compliance with EASA / BG CAA requirements;
  • Administrating and control of the CMM;
  • Checking that such procedures are followed both by the Company and by Third Parties to whom works are subcontracted or material is bought, through a systematic and open access to all parts of the Company, as well as, to any Sub-contractor’s Organization. In case of non-compliance, can forward to BG CAA Concession/Exemption request prepared by Nominated Persons with relevant comments, an alternate procedure if any and/or time limit;
  • Maintaining a sound knowledge of legal and legislative requirement relating to Fy2Sky approvals issued by BG CAA;
  • Ensure liaison with regulatory Authorities;
  • Monitoring safety and Compliance standards in all matters related to BG CAA requirements;
  • Ensuring with a working plan that all known instances of non-conformity to the Compliance standards, however revealed, are investigated to the level required and that appropriate timely corrective action is taken to prevent a recurrence;
  • Maintaining a periodic review with the AM to ensure corrective actions as required;
  • BG CAA Audit follow-up;
  • Maintaining a good knowledge and experience of the Company procedures to become the focus of any modification and implementation of the audit instructions and audit tasks;
  • Procuring clear, concise and accurate documentation for the audit tasks;
  • Receiving and distributing inside the Organization all BG CAA communications;
  • Ensuring that all data necessary for reference to the Compliance Auditors to undertake their allocated tasks area available;
  • Verifying by monitoring activities in the field of ATO, that the standards required by the applicable set of rules and any additional requirements as established by ATO, are being carried out properly under the supervision of the relevant Head of Training;
  • Performing audit tasks and, when the audit tasks are performed by the other auditors, controlling and approving, by means of his/her signature, audit tasks and findings;
  • Co-coordinating and scheduling the audit in accordance with the Audit Plan;
  • Findings follow up for internal and external audit; verifying that corrective action is taken by the manager responsible in response to any finding of non-compliance;
  • Monitor the implementation and completion of corrective action;
  • Provide Management with an independent assessment of corrective action, implementation and completion;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of corrective action through the follow-up process;
  • Reporting immediately to AM any incident, accident or occurrence affecting the a/c airworthiness, for further action;
  • Administration and control of all Compliance Staff; evaluating specific training needs (initial and continuation) for all CA personnel involved and will monitor the effectiveness of given training;
  • The effectiveness of changes resulting from proposals for corrective action identified by the accident and flight safety programme shall be monitored;
  • Ensuring that the Compliance Assurance Programme is properly established, implemented and maintained;
  • Approving the Concession / Exception, ensuring the follow-up and informing the AM / BG CAA in case of expired Concession / Exemption without closure;
  • Issuing the “Qualification Certificate” for the qualified sub-contracted organizations;
  • Releasing Competence Declaration for qualification of Fy2Sky personnel in respect of the authority requirements, preparing and keeping Compliance Assurance personnel technical records updated.
  • Ensure the independence of quality inspectors.
  • Provide methodological support to the appointed Quality Manager in the group of companies in terms of quality, compliance and auditing.


  • Master degree
  • Excellent knowledge of EASA, IATA, ICAO BG CAA and relevant regulations
  • EASA and BG CAA education and training requirements for CMM
  • Knowledge of Safety and Compliance management systems
  • Knowledge of Compliance Assurance Systems and auditing activity (ISO 9001 and 19011)
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organizational skill
  • Self-motivated and motivation of others
  • Positive “can do” attitude.
  • “Compliance Management Course” as per ISO 19011
  • Excellent knowledge of English language,
  • Excellent knowledge of the aeronautical rules and regulations
  • Basic Knowledge of technical operational aspects,
  • Basic knowledge of computer data base program (i.e. excel, word, office).


  • At least 5 years’ relevant work experience whereof at least 2 years shall be from the aeronautical field - 1 in a Compliance position.
  • This work experience may be reduced based on the school degree. Sufficient knowledge in the relevant areas is strictly required.


Excellent remuneration based on experience and qualifications;

Stable long-term career engagement in a fast-growing European air operator;

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