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CAMO Engineer

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Full Time
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Sofia, Bulgaria
Posting Date
December 17, 2021
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Currently we are looking for CAMO Engineer to join the team. The role will be including performing aircraft maintenance, inaccordance with the approved scope of activity of the organization and inaccordance with the applicable regulations and normative documents.

Duties and Responsibilities:

·        Carry out detailed aircraft maintenance records;

·        Develop and update a Maintenance Program;

·        To use and apply computer programs to monitorthe condition of the aircraft and its engines;

·        Plan the maintenance;

·        Develop engineering solutions for Maintenance;

·        To maintain and enhance their qualification;

·        Monitoring aircraft status, providing andfollowing up planned maintenance program to Part 145;

·        Discovering safety hazards and to inform theCAMO employee responsible for the process/es concerned;

·        Preparation of Work Packages by using CAMOSoftware (for example, Commsoft OASES) maintenance and engineering IT system(preferable);

·        Reviewing the identified hazards, makes riskassessment, require mitigation if needed and performs follow up;

·        Providing periodic reports on safety performanceto the Safety Review Board and Safety Action Group;

·        Ensuring the maintenance of safety managementdocumentation;

·        Providing advice on safety matters and ensurethe initiation and follow-up of internal occurrence investigations;

·        Analysing the data and suggest new data forperformance measures;

·        Disseminating information to the engineeringstaff to ensure safety organizational awareness;

·        Participating at monthly meetings to providetheir safety concerns and suggestions.


·        Universitydiploma- engineer

·        Professional Experience: 3 years proof work experience on thesame position

·        Knowledge of appropriate software including:Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat∙Very good level of written and verbal English is a must

·        Managing Processes

·        Organization

·        Analyzing Information

·        Professionalism

·        Problem Solving


Here at Fly2Sky we offer:

·        Positive team of professionals

·        Challenges and career prospects

·        Attractivestart remuneration

·        Flexible working time and place

·        Multisport card

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